Can I use my own dog?

Yes.  Diamond Dogz teaches you how to train your own dog. We temperament test dogs to assure that your fabulous furry friend would do well with the stresses and situations that come with being in public. 

Can you provide a dog if I don't have one?

No.  However, if you are looking for a dog to train, we can give you advice on the temperament that is best for hearing dog work.  There are no guarantees that every service dog team will achieve certification.  Certification is based on each team's performance and must demonstrate competency and consistency in both obedience and sound work.

Do you certify dogs for a fee?

 No.  Diamond Dogz only certifies dogs that have worked with our qualified trainers and service dogs are required to complete skills and meet a standard of criteria prior to certification.

What's involved in certification?

You must attend regular classes once a week and practice obedience and sound work skills in-between classes.  When you can successfully demonstrate all the requirements including obedience, public access and sound work you and your dog can be certified..

Is there an age limit for dogs?

There is not a specific age limit, however, dogs that are admitted are usually between eight months and three years old.  Qualification depends largely on the longevity of the breed, individual health of the dog, maturity of the dog, and prior training.

Certified Hearing Dog, Pepper

What type of tests do dogs have to pass for certification?

Hearing dog teams must consistently demonstrate proficiency on a long list of skills before becoming a certified.  These skills include basic and advanced obedience commands, proper behavior in public as well as reliable sound work at home and in public.

What sounds do you train dogs to alert to?

 We typically train our dogs to alert sounds such as door bells, phones ringing, people calling your name, timers, alarm clock, fire or smoke detectors, emergency vehicles and cars or people coming from behind. They can also alert when you have dropped something such as your keys or phone. There are many more sounds that can be trained that might be specific to your situation. We will try our best to work with you to master the sound work that will be most helpful to you. 

Can any dog be a hearing dog?

Any breed of dog has the potential to become a hearing dog, but not every dog has what it takes to be a hearing dog. Just like people have different skill sets and personalities, so do dogs. There are some dogs that want high profile job, and are exceptional at alerting  to sounds, and enjoy being out in the community. Dogs with fear issues or extremely shy dogs would be stressed out in public and therefore would not make good hearing dogs. Some dogs prefer to stay home and keep that couch warm for when their owners arrive home from work. Pets have very honorable jobs like greeting their owner, snuggling, keeping you company while you watch TV or playing a fun game of fetch. 

How long does it take?

A: The average team takes between 12 to 18 months to graduate from our program. However, it depends on the time spent practicing and a dog's aptitude for sound work.

Can I take my dog anywhere?

 Once you have passed the requirements for public access, you will be able to go out as a hearing dog in training team. Within the state of Arizona, service dogs in training have the same access rights as graduated hearing dog teams.  Once you have graduated as a Hearing dog team, you will be able to travel throughout the United States with the protection of the ADA law. We always encourage those who are traveling to learn local state, government and airline requirements for flying.